[UKN48] 150120 AKBINGO ep323 (English Subtitles)


You might remember we covered the lucky girl rankings last year… And this year we are doing it yet again!

In this first episode the rankings between 101 and 180 are revealed and there’s even another secret top 3 too!
So watch the episode to find out what it is all about and who are just the average woman!

Remember that NMB48’s and SKE48’s new singles are coming out soon! So remember to pre-order them using the links below!

NMB48 – Don’t Look Back
SKE48 – Coquettish Jyutaichu



Translator: YeYoH, Kim-Kim, AESub
Timer: Nanashi
Typesetter: Nanashi
QC: CurlyUdon, AESub
Encoder: YoonAddicting


Little sidenote:
The reason why there haven’t been any releases lately is because most of us members have been really busy with real life stuff, but hopefully we’ll soon be back on track! (^_^)

15 thoughts on “[UKN48] 150120 AKBINGO ep323 (English Subtitles)

  1. Lin Win

    Can you provide the dailymotion link so i can watch it on dailymotion ? THanks!

    • Jonas Pedersen

      When the video are playing, press the dailymotion logo in the buttom left, it will then go to the DM page ^^

      • Feng Lu

        I need a dailymotion link too. Clicking on the dailymotion logo takes me to a dailymotion page with a “403 permission error”, maybe because the video has been set as private.

        • Jonas Pedersen

          You need to click on it when the video is playing, not before. Just like shown in the image below, then it works fine ^^

          • Feng Lu

            I still get the 403 error – “ACCESS FORBIDDEN YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO ACCESS THE REQUESTED URL.” The text links to dailymotion videos that are usually posted on the UKN48.com release page, below the embedded video, have always worked for me. Can you try posting the text link to the video like normal?

  2. Archie

    Thanks for the release. So will guys release the softsub too?

    • Archie

      Spoke too soon. Thanks for the softsub too.

  3. thePHENOMENALPrince

    i was waiting for this to be done by someone, so with that in mind, i PHENOMENALLY thank you!(^^)
    as long as this get’s done, then take your time. this is one of the things that should always be queued up for.

  4. rXa

    arigatou.. ^^

  5. Hugh B Hayve

    Loved it, thanks for the subs!

  6. SayaMirukiShip

    Thanks for the hard-work~ Hope you members aren’t pushing yourselves too much.

  7. guest


    thanks for the hard work!

  8. Kirby

    Man, this was a funny and interesting episode of AKBingo. I wish Takamina was present of this years Lucky girl rankings.

  9. Thank you so much for this! I absolutely looooove the lucky girl episodes.
    Thanks again for your hard work guys!

  10. Steven Cew

    will you work on seccond part of 2015 lucky girls ranking??

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