[UKN48 x HAN48] AKBINGO! EP258 (English Subtitle)


Guess who’s back? UKN is!
Actually… We had this episode ready for release for a bit, but we have just been waiting for someone to sub part 1 of this mini series and Nura just did! So now we can release part 2 of Team Bonding Athletic Meeting! \ :v /

Translator: Ethan
Timer: Darthbaker
Typeset: Darthbaker
QC: Kashdaddy, Darthbaker, Jhon Doe


[HAN48 x UKN48]131001 AKBINGO! ep258 (English… by UKN48

For your last minute Christmas shopping on CDJapan, feel free to use the affiliate link below which gives us a small percentage of your purchase, it helps out alot! ^_^

Please enjoy~!


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150801 AKB48 SHOW! Lala Cut(e)


It’s been a long time since I post in this site. So now I’d like to do one.
Lately I got super interested with the kenkyuusei who enter the senbatsu of Maenomeri. Yup, It’s Goto Rara a.k.a Lala-chan. I even made a Facebook Fanpage for her, this.

Anyway, I decided to sub her skit part with Furuhata Nao in AKB48 SHOW! Ep 81.
Here’re the responsible staff:

Translator/Timer/Typesetter: Kanarin46
Encoder/Uploader: MichaelSoares
Special Thanks to SukebeG (Saya+48SUB!) for the cut video.

Softsub : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_XxkvFg0n65OEc1Q1N1dVBqajA/view?usp=sharing
H!O : http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?app=xbt&CODE=details&torrent=90272

150801 AKB48 SHOW! Lala Cut(e) by UKN48

Okay then, Enjoy!!

– Kanarin46

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[UKN48] Miyawaki Sakura Photobook Announcement English Sub


Hey, hold on! I know our weekly gravure queen, Miyawaki Sakura, is blossoming her first photobook titled “Sakura”, but before flushing your wallet, please see this its announcement video first. It contains her thought about photobook and its detail (price, bonus, and blossom date). So, enjoy the video and quick order your copy!

– KimKimTapa

Yo minna! Pervies here, techno difficulties are resolved! Enjoy!

– Pervies

[UKN48] Sakura PB English Sub by UKN48
Torrent: http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?app=xbt&CODE=details&torrent=88629
Brought to you by our wonderful Perv staff:

Translation/Timing/Typeset : KimKimTapa
QC/Upload : Pervies

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[UKN48] 150120 AKBINGO ep323 (English Subtitles)


You might remember we covered the lucky girl rankings last year… And this year we are doing it yet again!

In this first episode the rankings between 101 and 180 are revealed and there’s even another secret top 3 too!
So watch the episode to find out what it is all about and who are just the average woman!

Remember that NMB48’s and SKE48’s new singles are coming out soon! So remember to pre-order them using the links below!

NMB48 – Don’t Look Back
SKE48 – Coquettish Jyutaichu



Translator: YeYoH, Kim-Kim, AESub
Timer: Nanashi
Typesetter: Nanashi
QC: CurlyUdon, AESub
Encoder: YoonAddicting


Little sidenote:
The reason why there haven’t been any releases lately is because most of us members have been really busy with real life stuff, but hopefully we’ll soon be back on track! (^_^)

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[UKN48] Komiyama Haruka MeruTomo

Yo minna!

Pervies here making a statement, and that is…valentines day hurts!
Especially for us single people! So we bring you a special occasion special release special!
Komimi (my love) sings about her heartache and experience in the friendzone! SHE’S ONE OF US! Enjoy the performance everyone!

Staff list:
Translator – araishikeiwai
Timer/Typesetter/QC/encoder – Pervies


[UKN48] Meru Tomo – Komiyama Haruka

GDrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwBTjN7RUmBLVXJrQXF3QWhfQUU/view?usp=sharing

Mp3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwBTjN7RUmBLRWM1dUVNcUx5Mnc/view


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[UKN48] AKB48 Team 8 – To the 47 Great Cities (AKBINGO 140729) (English Subtitle)

As a little (delayed) surprise for our 2,000 likes achievement is this awesome song from the latest episode of AKBINGO! Yes! This is Team 8 with their new song, “To the 47 Great Cities”!
Watch this video and fall in love with them while they sing about how much they love driving in their Toyota branded cars! :v


[UKN48] AKB48 Team 8 – To the 47 Great Cities… by UKN48

2,000 milestone post: https://www.facebook.com/UKN48/posts/577852118992010

Also, if you are not part of our group page yet, feel free to join us here:http://goo.gl/1P41Y8


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[UKN48 x AIDOL] 140316 Joshikou Keisatsu ep17 (Final) (English Subtitle)

Get ready for a feels trip, because this is the last episode of Joshikou Keisatsu! 😮
Big thanks to Aidol ( アイdol ) for sticking with this series and for giving me the opportunity to help out at the end! 😀
As usual, jump on over to Aidol’s website for the DM stream, and download links. http://myaidol.net/releases/140316-joshikou-keisatsu-ep17-final/
If you havent joined out closed group yet, feel free to send us a request here so you can keep in touch with the staff and fellow fans! \ :v /


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[UKN48] 130430 AKBINGO! ep236 (English Subtitles)

It’s time for…. AKBINGO!
This time around the members will be playing Muchaburi Dodgeball!
The teams will be a mixture of senpais and kouhais.
This time some were scary things happens… Watch it to find out what scary things happen!

H!O: http://goo.gl/DtVwsq
Softsubs: http://goo.gl/ZJ6XUE

[UKN48] 130430 AKBINGO! ep236 (English Subtitles) by UKN48


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