150406 NOGIBINGO!4 ep01

And… we’re back~!!

We’ve been gone for ages and we know how tough life is without Nogizaka46…

So now that we’re finally back, prepare as we’ll transform your boring, nogi-less lives and fill it once again with Nogizaka46 love!

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! Nogibingo season 4! START!

DM: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k1CWqxNZJpEqgHbGxMC
Softsub: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-4Kzv9GEJxWWEZkY3o4N09PX0E

Translator: kanjo
Timer: Pervs
Typesetter: Michael Soares
QC: CurlyUdon


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[UKN48] 150603 Miyawaki Sakura – Musume wa Idol

Heyo there!

A few of us here at UKN48 really like the stories that the Musume wa Idol series convey, so we decided to sub one of them!

Learn more about the bond between Miyawaki Sakura and her grandmother in this episode!

[UKN48] 150603 Miyawaki Sakura – Musume wa Idol…

Softsubs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5MLcwXOi7UoRjA3SkdHSUV5LW8&authuser=0

You can also watch the Kizaki Yuria episode here, subbed by MahouShoujoAri: http://mahoushoujoari.tumblr.com/post/120636786479/subbed-my-daughter-is-an-idol-kizaki-yuria

Translator: Kim-kim
Timer: YoonAddicting
Typeset: Kim-kim
QC: Kashdaddy, YoonAddicting


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